6 Reasons Why You Need a REALTOR® for Buying a New Construction Home

6 Reasons Why You Need a REALTOR for Buying New Construction

The Mid-Missouri Region offers many opportunities for building new construction homes throughout Boone County. In fact, according to the Boone County Community Development department, new single-family housing permits were up 38 percent when comparing 2019 to 2020.

There are several reasons why home buyers opt for new construction homes rather than resale homes:

  • In the Mid-Missouri region, MLS listings consisting of resale homes are still tight; hence, there aren’t a lot of options on the market. Buyers are finding fewer available properties to meet their needs and wants without making many compromises.
  • Many buyers want a home that’s built under the newest building codes to ensure safety and efficiency. Sure, buyers must be patient as they wait for the new construction home to be built, but there are some tradeoffs that make the final product worth it.
  • Buyers desire to do custom builds that have all the features and options to accommodate their needs, wants preferences, and lifestyles for years to come.

Though it may be tempting to begin your new home search by viewing builder-decorated model homes, it’s crucial to first seek the expertise of a trusted local real estate expert. Here are the top 6 reasons why home buyers need to contact a licensed REALTOR® before speaking with a builder and their sales representatives:

Reason #1 - The Sales Reps Work for the Builder

The sales managers you meet inside of model homes work for the builder. Yes, they are well-versed in the builder’s floor plans, but ultimately, they work for the builder. As a home buyer, if you don’t have a REALTOR® to act as your advocate, you’ll be alone, sitting at the negotiation table, trying to get the best home within your budget.

REALTORS® who are experienced in new construction work for you. These experts are powerful advocates who sit in your corner and negotiate the price, upgrades, and additional terms while continuing to advocate for you throughout the entire construction process. An expert real estate agent will help you through contract negotiations, offer professional insight and advice, oversee the building process, and assist you with closing.

Reason #2 - New Construction Real Estate Agents Understand Common Builder Incentives

A REALTOR® who’s experienced in new construction will have a solid understanding of incentives and an established relationship with local builder representatives. This gives your agent an advantage to help you negotiate a contract, considering price, terms and options.

Reason #3 - Real Estate Agents Specializing in New Construction Know Builders and Subdivisions

Experienced real estate agents can provide ‘apples-to-apples’ comparisons between local builders in terms of construction standards, quality, and home warranty packages. Such REALTORS® will also know which floor plans are offered within certain communities and even longer-term plans for the building of future phases of subdivision planning. Real estate professionals can also research the price at which homes within specific subdivisions are selling for and what new construction homes have sold for (according to the MLS).

What’s more, it can be confusing to find all of the new construction homes offered for sale in the Mid-Missouri Region. Builders have varied strategies for advertising houses for sale. Some builders list every piece of property they own on the MLS, while others just list inventory or display homes for sale. However, some builders don’t use the MLS to promote their homes at all. A real estate agent versed in new construction can show you a complete portfolio of subdivisions and properties with new construction. They can even show you communities that are “coming soon” and are in the planning phase. Though the list is not complete with all your options, a great place to begin your search is with the MLS listings of new construction homes found here on our website: Boone County new construction.

The professional REALTORS® you hire can also help you find custom builders that will build on your own lot. In fact, there are several local builders that offer custom builds on any lot. If you’re interested in a custom home, search for lots on our site here: Boone County lots, Callaway County lots, and Cole County lots.

Reason #4 Local REALTORS® Have Connections to Mid-Missouri’s Best Local Vendors

The construction of a new home means you’ll need access to a mortgage lender, home inspector, temporary housing, movers, and more. Your local and experienced real estate professional will connect you with the best experts in the area to help along your home-building journey. A high-performing real estate team or agent will also have an established network of local vendors that they trust to complete the service you need.

Getting pre-approved for a home loan before you start searching for homes is a solid way to clearly understand your home-buying power. The lenders that your REALTOR® already knows and trusts will have excellent communication at all times, even on nights and weekends, and a proven track record of closing deals.

Reason #5 - Experienced Real Estate Agents Know the Options that Provide Value

Building a home comes with many decisions. From choosing the floor plan and subdivision to picking cosmetic upgrades and structural options, a REALTOR® has the market knowledge and experience to help make wise financial investments. This person can help you weigh the benefits of each decision to determine the ones that are crucial for future resale value and which options are just current trends.

When buyers try to go through the process alone to decide if they should upgrade flooring or install a bay window, they won’t know which is better for resale value. However, a real estate agent can provide expert insight to ensure that your home budget is well spent. Having a professional on your side to negotiate the allowances and make excellent upgrade decisions can really make a big difference in the value of your new home.

Reason #6 - Agent Services for New Construction Homes are Usually Paid by the Builder

Perhaps the best part about hiring a real estate agent specializing in new construction is the agent services are usually paid by the builder. Still, many home buyers tell us that they feel as if they’ll get a new construction home “cheaper” without the help of a professional REALTOR®. Yet, the truth is that many home builders have already added in the buyer’s agent commission as a marketing expense, so it’s not directly attached to the house.

Closing Thoughts

The process can get overwhelming with so many options for builders, upgrades, communities, and structural components around Mid-Missouri. One of our buyer agents, who specialize in new construction builds, will help you prioritize and narrow your home search so you can make the best choice for you and your family. We’ve helped many buyers build the house of their dreams. 

We have solid working relationships with many local builders. Our team is perfectly equipped to represent and advocate for you throughout the home-building process.

If you’re interested in building the new home of your dreams, contact us before you do anything by filling out the short form below. One of our friendly new construction buyer specialists will be in touch soon!

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